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There is a $200.00 Condo Questionnaire fee which can be paid by check (mailed or overnighted) or by credit card (fee of $7.00). Once the payment is received, we will complete it within 72 business hours. *Please be advised that at this time there will be no addendums completed or questions answered in reference to the structural integrity or deferred maintenance etc. until the association's attorney reviews and provide us a written correspondence. There is no timeline we can provide you for this and we reserve the right to refuse this portion of the questionnaire.  As you can imagine the liability these questions place on the Association and Management Company is quite large since we are not experts in this field. If this is a part of your questionnaire, please note it will not be completed by Waves.

*Please email me and indicate how you wish to pay and email the questionnaire.



32. Condominium Disclosures:

If the Property is a CONDOMINIUM, Seller shall obtain from the Condominium Owner's Association (as applicable) and deliver to the Buyer within ____ Business Days (5 Days if left blank) following Acceptance Date of the Agreement to submit to Buyer the following information, including information available under Section 35-8A-409 (a) of the Alabama Uniform Condominium Act:

a. Recorded Declaration of Condominium and any amendments thereto, Bylaws, Covenants/Restrictions, Rules/Regulations. SEE ABOVE IN BLUE- Click and reveal documents for download or sharing.

b. Minutes from last 2 Annual Owners Meetings and last 2 Board of Director's Meetings. Available to the owner, they will need to log in and email them to the agent.

c. A statement setting forth the amount of the monthly common expense assessment and any unpaid common expense or special assessment currently due and payable from the selling unit owners. Monthly association dues are $500.00 per month, due on the 1st and considered late after the 15th with a $25.00 late fee and 1.5% interest.

d. A statement of any other fees payable by unit owners. Upon closing, there is a $100.00 transfer fee made payable to Waves Association Management is required. New units are required to pay a $500.00 capital contribution fee.

e. The most recent regularly prepared balance sheet and income and expense statement, if any, of the association. Available to the owner, they will need to log in and email them to the agent.

f. The current operating budget of the association. Available to the owner, they will need to log in and email them to the agent.

g. A statement of any unsatisfied judgments against the association and any pending suit in which the association is a party. To my knowledge, there are no unsatisfied judgments against the association or pending lawsuits in which the association is a party to.

h. A statement describing any insurance coverage provided for the benefit of unit owners. Please contact Whitehaven Insurance at (251) 967-3323.

i. A statement of the remaining term of any leasehold estate affecting the condominium and the provisions governing any extension or renewal thereof. To my knowledge, there are no leasehold estates affecting the condominium.

j. A statement of any restrictions in the declaration affecting the amount that may be received by a unit owner upon sale, condemnation, casualty loss to the unit or condominium or on termination of the condominium. If there are any restrictions they are outlined in the Declarations and owners are encouraged to review association documents for stated restrictions.

k. Contact information for the association. Waves Association Management, L.L.C., 191 Northshore Cir., Suite 100, Foley, Alabama 36542. Phone: 251-943-7410

Buyer shall have 5 Business days, from receipt of disclosures to review and approve, or notify Seller in writing if not satisfactory, otherwise, this contingency shall be deemed removed.


Association Documents


Sea Pines at Bon Secour

Community Policies & Guidelines

These guidelines have been set forth to expand and detail the information found in the Declaration of Condominium of Sea Pines at Bon Secour, a condominium, under which the Sea Pines at Bon Secour Association operates.  All residents are asked to support these Guidelines in order that the community will be a more attractive and harmonious place to live.


I.            Personal Property

All personal property such as lawn chairs, bicycles, tables, etc., must be kept inside the patio, porch area or garage.  Personal property maintained within the patio area may not be visible above the patio fence, with the exception of patio furniture that was constructed and sold for outdoor use, patio umbrellas and grills.  Potted plants visible above the patio fence are also permitted. 

Nothing may be hung or displayed, nor may signs, awnings, canopies, shutters, antennas, or satellite dishes, or any other device or ornament be affixed to or placed upon the exterior walls, windows, door, fences, or roof without the prior written approval of the Association Board of Trustees.  Exceptions to this guideline are defined under Section II, Paragraphs A, B, and C.  In the event of a Hurricane warning in our area, residents will ensure that all patio furniture, equipment, plants, and ornaments are to be stored in the garage or home until the danger has passed.

The mounting of satellite dishes is permitted if the dish is mounted to the fascia on the face of the building at the point where the return wall facing perpendicular to the garage door ends.  However, permission to do so must be in writing from the association or management company.  The resident shall be responsible for any damage caused by the installation, removal, or operation of the satellite dish.  

Roof mounting is prohibited (except where already done), to prevent damage to the roof.

II.          Decorative Items

Use the following guidelines:

    • A maximum of 2 hummingbird feeders are allowed in personal mulched areas.  Attachment to the patio fence or any structural part of the unit is not allowed.
    • Garden hose hangers—free standing is allowed inside the patio fence.  Attachment to the patio fence or any structural part of the unit is not allowed.
    • Wall plaques are not allowed.
    • Wind socks and wind chimes are not allowed.
    • Additional house numbers other than those provided by the builder must be approved by the Board.   Attachment to the patio fence or any structural part of the unit is not allowed.  However, any such numbers in place as of the adoption of the guidelines prior to December 1, 2019 are allowed.
    • Decorative flags are not allowed—see the exceptions in Section II, Paragraph B.

A.          Holiday Decorations

Christmas lights and decorations are permitted to be placed in the immediate vicinity of the owner’s unit, including patio, porch areas and mulched parts adjacent to unit.  No hanging of lights is allowed from gutters or any other surface that may cause damage to outside siding or stone.  This includes no nails, screws or anything that would penetrate the siding or stone.  They may not be displayed before Thanksgiving Day and must be removed by January 7th of the following year.  Other holiday decorations are permitted under the same guidelines and may not be displayed more than one week before and one week after the holiday.

B.          Flags

One flag may be flown or displayed from the patio fence (attached at the front corner) or front porch (attached from perpendicular post).  Any other location must be approved by the Board.  The flag must be no larger than 3 feet by 5 feet.  In addition to the American flag, official armed forces flags (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, etc.) are permitted.  You may also show your team spirit with your team flags only on game day.

C.           Door Wreaths

Door wreaths shall be allowed to be displayed on the front door year-round.  They must be installed in a manner that will not cause permanent aesthetic damage to the door.

D.          Stepping Stones

Stepping stones will be allowed only with advance approval by the Board or management company.  They must be installed flush with the ground so that they do not interfere with the mowers.  All stones must be earth toned and coordinate with the stone work on the unit.  

E.           Exterior Lighting Around Sidewalks

Exterior lighting may be installed inside the sidewalk or personal mulched area of the owner’s unit.  Colored lenses are not allowed.  The landscape contractor nor the Association will be held responsible for any damage to the lights.  Lighting may be either solar or electric.

III.        Flowers/Landscape Plants

Flowers and shrubs may be planted inside the patio fence or directly outside the patio fence or veranda in the existing mulch area.  This includes the space between the sidewalk and exterior walls of the individual unit.  Plants in these areas must be compatible with other landscape features in the property.  The mulch in these areas should be brown mulch to match the mulch used in all common area planting.  Homeowners who, as of January 1, 2019, have other permanent material such as rock or stones already in these areas may retain such material.  Mulch outside the sidewalks must be brown mulch to match the mulch in all common area planting.  Maintenance of the plants in these areas is the responsibility of the resident and dead plants are to be removed.  Should the resident fail to remove any dead plants, they will be removed by the landscape service and the cost for removal will be billed to the resident.  If any owner prunes, treats or removes a common element planting which is located between the 01 and 03 patio facing Holmes Avenue or trees located in the common grass areas, said owner will become responsible for the cost of replacing the trees or shrubs if necessary.

Flowers and shrubs are not permitted around any tree in the common area.

Any new planting outside the main mulch area (space between the sidewalk and exterior walls of the individual unit) will be mulched with brown mulch to match that used in all common area planting, except for permanent material such as rock or stones in place as of January 1, 2019.  Any new planting outside the areas designated above must have written permission from the Board who can also limit the size of the new beds.

Owners are not allowed to make any adjustments to the irrigation system including the sprinkler heads and timers.  All issues should be reported to the Association Management company for repair.


 IV.        Other Items

Strictly Prohibited With Board Approval


Swing sets                                                      

Mounted hose reels                                      

Laundry poles/clotheslines                        

Yard signs (see VII)

Artificial flowers 

Allowed With Board Approval

Ornamental rocks or stones

Ornamental statues/animals

Inside window hangings (such as stained glass)

Laundry may not be hung over any patio fence (swimsuits, towels, rugs, etc.)

Wood burning fire pits are not allowed to be used in the patio areas of any unit.

The discharge of fireworks or firearms is not allowed on the property, except for legitimate purposes of self-defense.

Fishing is not allowed in the pond due to liability.

Disposal of cigarette butts is not allowed on community grounds and streets.  Please dispose of cigarette butts safely at your home.  Anyone seen throwing cigarette butts on community grounds will be fined $25.00 per occurrence.

 V.  Exterior Alterations

No alterations, including painting, additions, fences, walls, patios, decks, etc., may be made to the exterior surface of any unit or building, nor may any trees or shrubs be planted, transplanted, or removed without prior written approval of the Board.


A.  Storm Doors

Storm doors will be allowed only with advanced approval by the Board or management company and will be the homeowners responsibility to maintain.  The door must be beige in color only and full glass only with a maximum 10” kick plate.  (Self-storing doors that have a small bar across the middle of the door do not comply with this policy.)  Doors must be permanently installed.  Any damage caused by the installation or presence of a storm door shall be the responsibility of the homeowner and not the Association or Builder.  Storm doors can create enormous heat from the sun which can damage the front door.

Specific information about approved storm doors can be obtained from the property manager.

Contact the management company before installation.

B.  Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors will be allowed only with advance approval by the Board or management company.  The Phantom series that is available through Lowes has been approved and must be professionally installed.  Any other models may be brought to the Board for approval.

Contact the management company before any installation.

C.  Patio Gates
Patio gates may be installed at the homeowner’s expense using only the approved design and color and after obtaining approval from the Board.  It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain any installed patio gates.



VI.         Windows and Windows Coverings

All window coverings, whether draperies, blinds (vertical or horizontal), or valances must be white, off-white, beige, light beige, or light grey on the exterior side.

Caulking of windows, doors, and outside penetrations is the COA’s responsibility.


VII.  Signs and Window Displays

Professionally designed signs for the sale or lease of a unit are allowed to be displayed from the inside of a window (all of which are limited to size and number).  Lawn signs are not allowed.

Up to 2 security system signs are specifically allowed.  They must not exceed 1 foot wide by 1 foot tall and must be placed in the immediate vicinity outside the unit.  No window clings or stickers are allowed.

VIII.  Animals and Pets

A.  No more than 2 household domestic pets may be kept in any one home and shall be limited to dogs and cats.  Pets cannot be bred or maintained for commercial purposes.

B.  All animals, when outdoors, shall be maintained on a leash.  Retractable leashes are permitted.  A responsible person must supervise pets at all times unless the pet is in an enclosed patio, in which case a pet may be kept outside without an owner present for a short time.

C.  All pet owners are responsible for the immediate clean-up of all pet litter and waste.  Pet waste is not to be deposited in the Clubhouse receptacles due to odors.

D.  No pet shall be tethered outside in the common area; nor shall a pet be tied to a patio post.

E.  No pets are permitted in the Clubhouse, unless they are a service animal with papers, due to potential litigation as well as health concerns.

F.  Pet owners may be fined for violation of these policies, at a rate of $25 for the first offense and $50 for each additional offense.  If any pet becomes a nuisance, they may be ejected at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.


 IX.       Parking Vehicles

A.  No boats, trailers. Motor homes, trucks (larger than 3/4 ton pickup), travel  trailers, or any vehicle with commercial advertising may be parked on any street or driveway overnight.  Other vehicles used for recreation (van conversions, RV’s, etc.) not garage-able, will be permitted to park in front of the garage for up to 48 hours to allow for loading and unloading.  Such vehicles must not block normal access of other residents.  Commercial moving vans, when conducting contract business, and commercial trucks when in the area to perform service or repair work are an exception.                                                                

B.  All parking by residents or guests must be:  (a) within the garage, (b) in the area in front of the garage door, (c) in the parking spaces at the clubhouse area, or (d) on the side drive in such a manner as to not block any other residents access to the garage or street.  PARKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE “TURN AROUND” AREAS AT THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY.  No vehicle may be parked in the clubhouse parking areas for more than 48 consecutive hours.  Vehicles parked there for more than 48 consecutive hours are subject to being towed.

C.  Inoperable vehicles with flat tires, expired license tags, etc., or vehicles which cannot be identified as belonging to a resident, which are parked in any common area for more than 24 consecutive hours may be towed off the premises at the vehicle owners expense.  No repair work is permitted on vehicles outside the garage except for the short-term emergency work such as repairing/replacing a flat tire, battery charging, etc.  Vehicles must be maintained in a manner to prevent the leakage of fluids onto driveways.

D.  No Vehicle shall be parked in any manner that blocks any street or driveway, or the ingress/egress to any garage other than the owners.

E.  The speed limit within the community is 15 mph.  Reckless operation, excessive speed, and parking or driving on the lawn areas is prohibited.

 X.         Swimming Pool

The pool is for the exclusive use of the residents and their guests.  Any person who cannot be identified as a resident, or who is not accompanied by a resident, or does not have on a blue wristband will be asked to leave.  The blue wristband will identify anyone unknown as a guest of another member. Wristbands can be obtained from the Board at a charge of $2.00 each.  The pool rules are:

A.  All persons using the pool and pool facilities do so at their own risk and sole responsibility.  There is no lifeguard.

B.  All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

C.  The following are not allowed in the pool area:

-Animals or pets, except for certified service animals

-Glass or other breakable items

-Running, diving, or other disruptive behavior 

-Excessive noise, splashing, or radios without headphones 

-Private pool parties

-Electrical devices 


D.  Patio umbrellas must be lowered and secured (tied) after use.

E.  Swimming is permitted only in garments sold as swim wear.  Infants must also wear suitable and lined swimsuits.  Non-swimmable diapers are not permitted in the water.

F.  Lounge tables or chairs may not be reserved and must be repositioned in the order intended (orderly fashion) after use.

G.  The pool will only be open during swimming season until 10:00 pm.

H.  Wet swimwear is not permitted in the Clubhouse lounge area.

I.  In the event a hurricane warning is issued for this area, residents will ensure that all pool furniture and equipment (tables, chairs, umbrellas, nets, lifesaving equipment, etc.) is removed from the pool area and stored in the Clubhouse until such time as any danger has passed.

XI.   Community Center (Clubhouse)

The community center is for the private use of residents.    Guests 18 and over 

must wear wristbands to access the Clubhouse when not accompanied by a unit owner.  The blue wristband will identify anyone unknown as a guest of another member.  These wristbands can be purchased at a cost of $2.00 each from a Board member.  

(Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. )

The Clubhouse is available for rental to residents only for nonprofit parties or meetings.  The center cannot be rented or reserved on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Independence Day.  The following policies apply:

A.  A $200.00 refundable deposit and a $50.00 rental fee are required.  Deposits and rental fees must be submitted to Waves Association Management in order to secure a reservation.  Reservations entered on the calendar in the Clubhouse are not confirmed until and unless the deposit and rental fees are paid.  Waves will inspect the Clubhouse following all rental activities and will return the deposit if the Clubhouse has been returned to its appropriate condition.  If damage repairs or cleaning are required, Waves will deduct the cost of such from the deposit and return the balance to the renter.  If damage should exceed the $200.00 deposit, Waves will retain the deposit and Bill the renter for the balance.

B.  Reservations are granted on a first request basis.  To make a reservation, the resident should enter it on the calendar on the Clubhouse bulletin board and submit the required deposit and rental fee to Waves Association Management.

C.  Child or teenage parties are prohibited.

D.  The Clubhouse is available for rental between 9:00 am and midnight.

E.  The gym equipment is not to be used by anyone, resident or guest, under the age of 18.

F.  Persons under the age of 18, whether resident or guest, may not use the pool table unless accompanied and directly supervised by a resident adult.

G.  Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Clubhouse and pool area.  Any resident renting the Clubhouse is responsible to inform guests that smoking is not allowed.  All cigarette butts and other smoking residue is to be disposed of properly.

H.  The resident who rents the Clubhouse is expected to be present at the Clubhouse at all times during the booked event.

I.  The resident reserving the Clubhouse will have exclusive use of the Clubhouse with the exception of the office and exercise room and pool area.  The association will not furnish party items or supplies.  (Out of respect for the association member renting the Clubhouse, it is suggested that other association members refrain from using the office, exercise room and pool area.)

J.  The resident reserving the Clubhouse is responsible for all clean up and 

trash removal.

XII.  Trash Collection 

Trash collection regulations require that trash containers not be set out prior to 5:00 pm the day preceding collection and must be picked up and put away by 9:00 pm the day of collection.  Only trash containers with lids, as provided by the City of Foley, are permitted.

All trash for collection must be placed by the Main Street, next to the curb at the end of the driveway.  When not set out for collection, all trash containers must be kept inside the garage or against the external garage wall.  Residents will be responsible for cleanup of any trash spilled from the containers.

XIII.  Solicitation and Garage Sales

Solicitation by commercial enterprises is not authorized within the community.  In a like manner, and due to the restricted parking availability, garage and tag sales are strictly prohibited unless approved by the association as a planned community activity.

XIV.  Utilities 

Residents are responsible for maintenance and payment of their own gas, electric, extended cable, telephone and internet expenses.  They are also responsible for calling utilities to initiate service on the date of possession.

XV.  Condominium Sales

Any owner who sells or leases his or her condominium is responsible for:

A.  Making certain the association management company is aware of ownership changes at the time a closing date is established.

B.  Making certain all association dues and assessments are current.

C.  Making certain all documents such as Declaration, Bylaws and Community Policies and Guidelines are given to the new owner and effectively communicated to minimize misunderstanding.


XVI.  Outdoor Grills 

It is permitted to use and store gas, charcoal or electric grills inside the patio fence.  When not in use, the grill must be stored neatly.  If a home does not have an enclosed patio area, a gas, charcoal or electric grill may be stored in the garage and pulled out for use on the driveway, provided it is properly stored after use.  Repair of any damage caused by the use of a grill by a resident or their guest will be the responsibility of that resident.  A grill cannot be used in an enclosed or screened patio or garage as it can damage exterior siding or cause a fire.

XVII.  Amendments

These policies and guidelines may be subject to change from time to time at the discretion of, and by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees.


XVIII. Rentals

There are limitations on rentals included in the Declaration of Condominium of Sea Pines at Bon Secour, a Condominium.  For any home to be rented, there must be a document signed and on file with the association from the tenant stating that they have read and agree to the restrictions as stated in the Declaration as well as the Community Policies and Guidelines.


XIX.  Keys

Each owner should furnish a key to the Board of Trustees, which will be placed in a locked safe, and to be used in case of an emergency such as fire or flood.  The owner will bare the burden of any expenses associated with entry if a key is not furnished.


XX.  Generators

A work order must be initiated by the unit owner and be approved by the Board of Trustees before a generator can be installed.  There are standards and guidelines which must be followed for generator installation.


XXI.  Fines

    • $25.00 - Failure to abide by the Sea Pines at Bon Secour Community Policies and Guidelines will result in a $25.00 per day fine, plus interest, until corrective action is taken.  The Owner will be given a reasonable date by which to take action, however, if more time is needed, please contact Waves at 251-943-7410.
    • $100.00 - The interruption of work performed by contracted workers will result in a $100.00 fine per occurrence.  If there are concerns regarding work being performed, contact Waves at 251-943-7410.


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